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Digital Alloys develops high-speed, multi-metal Additive Manufacturing systems that print production quality parts, in almost any metal, at a fraction of the cost of other systems, making metal 3D metal printing economical for a greatly expanded mix of applications. Digital Alloys metal 3D printers have the unique ability to mix multiple metals in a solid part, enabling customers to push the limits of design and create new products with optimized thermal, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties. It was formed in January 2017 as a spinout from the NVLabs division of New Valence Robotics, Inc. (NVBOTS). The company is led by an experienced management team, and backed by Khosla Ventures. Digital Alloys is based in Burlington, Massachusetts.
IoT Solutions
Joule Printing? solves these challenges. The core invention was inspired by a few simple observations:
1. Low production costs require both an inexpensive raw material and high printing speeds.
2. Printing speed is gated by how quickly heat moves to the desired melting location.
3. Metal 3D printers work by positioning and then melting raw material to build up 3D parts. For optimal speed, cost, and repeatability, the process should use as few steps as possible.
4. Repeatable quality requires an ability to directly measure and control the melting process.

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