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Wah Lee Industrial Corp. was founded in 1968. In order to integrate the industry development of Taiwan with the overall operation requirement of Wah Lee, we defined our mission as "Introduce and develop Advanced Materials, equipments, and technologies, as well as provide high value-added services, to create welfare to employees, customers, and shareholders." Through collaborative efforts of our employees and the support of our suppliers and customers over the past four decades, we have successfully introduced complete sets of materials and equipments for Composite Material, Engineering Plastic, PCB, Semiconductor, FPD, Touch Panel, Optoelectronic, and Green Energy industries. We have not only managed to follow the technology development trends and kept setting record-high operation results, but have also played an important role of 2.5G industry pusher to help the transition process of Taiwan industries, enabling us to become the key supplier in these industries. Currently, we are actively focusing on biomedical industry development, wearable devices, solution for Internet of Things, and are highly confident in creating another prospective era of Wah Lee.

Starting from 1980, Wah Lee had been working on the globalization arrangement and the requirement to expand company's operation scope. We have established many distribution sites throughout the major cities in USA, south-eastern Asia, China, and Japan. By utilizing expertise in precisely catching the trends and business opportunities of advanced technologies and long-term collaborative relationship with foreign suppliers, Wah Lee has been gradually transferring successful experiences to overseas sites and becoming a total solution provider of high-end materials, equipments, and technologies.

In addition to the distribution business development, we have participated in joint ventures of manufacturing upstream materials, equipments, and products related to our core business. Through vertical integration of the supply chain, Wah Lee's product sales show continued growth momentum, ensuring higher performance from our fundamental business.

We will continue to adhere to our core values "Integrity, Enthusiasm, Respect, Consistency, Innovation" and guarantee our quality statement "Superior products, Excellent employees, Intimate services" to serve our suppliers and customers. We appreciate all the supports and encouragement from our business partners and expect higher commitment from our employees to promote Wah Lee to an international business and to generate more contributions to the entire society.

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