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Vinnter is an innovation & engineering consultancy firm specialised in accelerating product development, enabling smart connected products and new digital services, with strong focus on industrial grade Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
IoT Solutions
During the past decades, intensified competition in the manufacturing and service industries has changed the conditions for product development companies. Integrated electronic measurement and control systems are becoming increasingly important in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The product development industry has a great opportunity to find new revenue streams and offer enhanced services to its customers and internal organizations using smarter products. The new era of smart products will be a part of Internet of Things when machines talk to machines and machines talk to humans. Vinnter develops hardware for embedded devices to be integrated in or added to existing products such as industrial machines, household appliances or vehicles, on top of their expertise in embedded electronics design, integration of sensors to the industrialization process of the end product. Vinnter also develops a wide range of software for embedded devices, specialises in IoT connectivity among multiple systems and offers strategy planning services for enterprises focusing on IoT integration and smart solutions.
Key Customers
Airbus, PCCW Global, TelNet Worldwide, Vonage Business
IoT Snapshot
Vinnter is a provider of Industrial IoT cloud planning, design and implementation services, hardware design and engineering services, and software design and engineering services services.

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