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Redsalt is a software engineering company in developing, testing and integration of software applications and embedded systems. They support convergence of embedded systems with M2M, Telematics, telecommunication systems and Internet.

Year founded: 2007
IoT Solutions
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a development in which more and more "things" are communicating digitally with each other and with humans. This is possible by making them "smart". With sensors the electronics get senses that generate valuable information about their condition and their environment. And with wireless connectivity that information can be exchanged over the Internet. Also products can be operated remotely, for example via a smartphone. In this way, the physical and the virtual world are more and more connected to each other. This development combined with the exponential growth of technology will change organizations and our own lives.

Redsalt's industrial background and broad knowledge of embedded systems, wireless applications, and front and back-end solutions, Redsalt can provide the entire chain of IoT. They specialize in providing a comprehensive portfolio of nearshore software development, engineering and research services and are experts in developing, testing and integrating software applications and embedded systems.
Key Customers
Mulit-M, Priva, Siemens
IoT Snapshot
RedSalt is a provider of Industrial IoT hardware design and engineering services, software design and engineering services, and system integration services.

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