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ZTE's Integrated Battery-DG Hybrid Energy Storage Solution

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 ZTE's Integrated Battery-DG Hybrid Energy Storage Solution - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Renewable Energy
About The Customer
The Challenge

For cities and companies involved in new construction or site transformations, areas with unstable or poor quality power can cause problems and diesel and other similar generators can add another one: expense. 

In the context of high traditional energy prices, the trend of low-carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, renewable energy will become increasingly important in the field of communications power supply. Especially along with its technology improvement, the traditional renewable energy hybrid power solution can’t fully meet with customer’s demands, especially on the energy management, energy monitoring, system upgrading, product efficiency, environment adaptability, etc.

The Solution

#1: Solar Power Solution: This is an innovative pure solar power solution, depending on solar power, to power the supply and charge the battery. AC load can also be powered through the inverter. At night, or solar energy is shortage or in consecutive rainy days, the battery will discharge to provide power supply. There is no backup power supply, to protect the reliability of power supply, battery capacity and solar module capacity shall be appropriate, otherwise, the insufficient capacity may affect the reliability of power supply.

#2 Solar – DG Hybrid Power Solution: This innovative solar DG hybrid power solution is based on solar energy as a major power, DG (diesel generator) as backup. In the daytime, electricity generated by the solar modules supplies power to the load, and charge the battery. At night, batteries discharge to power the load. When solar energy is shortage (such as in winter) or consecutive rainy days, the battery will discharge to low voltage/capacity to start DG. This hybrid power supply can solve the interruption risk of pure solar power when the solar energy fluctuations in different seasons or consecutive rainy days. Compared with pure solar power solution, solar-DG hybrid power solution can optimize the DG and solar panels configuration, to reduce CAPEX, and shorten the return on investment cycle.

#3 Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Solution: For independent wind or solar power system, there is a common defect, the uncertainty of the natural resources leads to the imbalance of power generation and electricity load. Solar energy and wind energy are complementary in different seasons (summer and winter), different times (day and night), and different weather conditions (sunny and rainy days, rainy and dry season). Therefore, this solution makes use of the highly complementation of solar and wind energy to provide stable and reliable power supply for the site. This hybrid power system can realize rational allocation of system capacity based on the load and resource conditions, not only to ensure the reliability of the system power supply, but also to reduce CAPEX.

Quantitative Benefit
  • Solar Power Solution Benefits: 100% green, integrated structure, smooth upgrading & expansion, high efficiency of solar power, powerful energy monitoring.

  • Solar – DG Hybrid Power Solution Benefits: Unified management from one CSU, integrated structure to house all the units, high efficiency to improve energy utilization, solar power unit and rectifier modules mixed plug, smooth upgrading and high adaptability of battery, to support high reliability of power supply, low initial investment cost, lower operation and maintenance costs

  • Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Solution Benefits: green, resources complementary, unified management from one CSU, integrated structure to house all the units, high efficiency to improve energy utilization, high adaptability of battery, and flexible configuration for various requirement

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