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XBee-Enabled Sensors Monitor Harsh Environments

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 XBee-Enabled Sensors Monitor Harsh Environments - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Networks & Connectivity - Radio Access Network
Applicable Industries
  • Electronics
The Customer
About The Customer
Libelium designs and manufactures wireless sensor network devices so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market.
The Challenge

Libelium needed radio frequency modules to guarantee accurate transmission of information from sensors placed in isolated or difficult-to-access areas. To enable Libelium to develop its sensor devices, the company needed to source a wireless networking provider that offered both long-range links and the interconnection of wireless networks of different frequencies.

The Solution

Using XBee modules from Digi as the main communication radios, Libelium developed the Waspmote – a low-power wireless sensor capture, geo-localisation and communication device with high transmission power. Based on a modular architecture, Waspmote is able to detect a variety of parameters such as humidity, temperature, CO2 emissions, heartbeats and vibrations. Waspmote can be used in numerous industries including agriculture, environmental, logistics and security. Hardware Components - XBEE-PRO XSC - XBEE ZIGBEE - Libelium Waspmote - DigiMesh Modules

Data Collected
Alarms For Automated Applications, Communication Performance, Connectivity Status, Control System Alert, Installation Diagnostics
Operational Impact
  • [Process Optimization - Remote Diagnostics]
    Waspmote is able to achieve long-range links of 7 km / 2.4 GHz, 24 km / 900 MHz and 40 km / 868 MHz, making it possible to monitor virtually any installation.
  • [Data Management - Data Collection]
    By collecting critical information like chemical components, heat and gases, a Waspmote sensor device can help to send out alarms to prevent forest fire.

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