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Telnyx enables reliable connectivity in COSMO smartwatches

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 Telnyx enables reliable connectivity in COSMO smartwatches - IoT ONE Case Study
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  • Sensors - GPS
  • Wearables - Watches, Gloves & Wrist Computers
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  • Apparel
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The Customer
About The Customer

COSMO was founded with a mission to facilitate digital connectivity among families, focusing on creating a safe and engaging environment for children. Their flagship product, the JrTrack 3 kids smartwatch, is designed to foster family togetherness while prioritizing children's safety. Equipped with a suite of communication and safety features, and complemented by a companion app for parents, the smartwatch is a testament to COSMO’s dedication to their mission. The company's innovative approach addresses the growing demand for technology that supports the well-being and security of children, making COSMO a pioneer in the field of child-friendly digital connectivity solutions.

The Challenge

COSMO, founded in 2020, embarked on a mission to help families stay digitally connected with their youngest members in a safe and meaningful manner. They achieved this through the development of the JrTrack 3 kids smartwatch, which combined communication functions like calling and texting with safety features such as 9-1-1 calling, geofencing, and unapproved call blocking. COSMO faced some technical hurdles as they developed their product. These included instances of patchy cellular coverage and inconsistent device connectivity, which directly impacted the reliability of their smartwatches. Such challenges posed a threat to the trust that parents placed in COSMO’s products, underscoring the need for a solution that could ensure steadfast reliability and uphold the company's commitment to their customers.

The Solution

In response to these challenges, COSMO's quest for a dependable connectivity partner culminated in their collaboration with Telnyx. This partnership stood out due to Telnyx's provision of IP-based connectivity solutions, coupled with unparalleled support and technical expertise. The collaboration kicked off with a proof of concept (PoC) phase, which spanned several weeks and yielded significant technical insights. This phase not only facilitated a substantial reduction in customer complaints related to device connectivity but also allowed COSMO to leverage Telnyx’s advanced features, including SIP trunking for voice calls and IoT SIM cards for cellular connectivity. The hands-on training and support provided by Telnyx played a crucial role in enabling COSMO to enhance their product’s market presence with remarkable speed and quality, demonstrating the transformative impact of the right partnership.

Operational Impact
  • The partnership with Telnyx marked a significant turning point for COSMO, enabling the company to address its initial connectivity challenges effectively. By integrating Telnyx’s SIP trunking for voice calls and leveraging IoT SIM cards for cellular connectivity, COSMO not only enhanced the reliability of its smartwatches but also set a new standard for quality in the market. The easy-to-use APIs provided by Telnyx facilitated seamless integration with existing telecom infrastructures, thereby simplifying the technological complexities associated with IoT setups. This strategic collaboration has empowered COSMO to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, further cementing their position as a leader in the industry of child-friendly wearable devices.

Quantitative Benefit
  • Over 6700 Telnyx SIM cards have been activated in COSMO smartwatches.

  • The consumption of over 1.1 TB of data through COSMO smartwatches illustrates the intensive use and the high engagement level among users.

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