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Streamlining global event connectivity with Telnyx

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 Streamlining global event connectivity with Telnyx - IoT ONE Case Study
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The Customer
About The Customer

Clair Global has established itself as a pioneer in providing wireless data connectivity and VoIP phone services for events globally, leveraging over fifty years of touring experience. The company specializes in offering fan-facing Wi-Fi, production IT, ticketing, vendor connectivity, VoIP phone systems, and hardwired media connections. With a track record that includes major events like Coachella and tours for artists such as Dua Lipa and Harry Styles, Clair Global has become synonymous with delivering high-quality connectivity and communications solutions at scale, ensuring productions operate seamlessly from one site to another.

The Challenge

Clair Global, with its rich history of over fifty years in delivering portable connection services for live events worldwide, faced a significant operational challenge due to its complex network of carrier partnerships. Each carrier came with its own SIM card, billing system, and account manager, leading to substantial operational overhead. The company's involvement in large-scale events like Coachella and the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix necessitated a seamless and reliable connectivity solution that could operate consistently across various global locations. Managing different SIMs, juggling data limits, and handling diverse billing systems across numerous carriers presented a logistical headache for Clair Global, hindering their ability to provide the high-quality, reliable service required for the success of large-scale productions.

The Solution

The transition to Telnyx IoT SIM Cards and SIP Trunking marked a transformative solution for Clair Global, simplifying their previously complex network of providers into a single, global carrier relationship. This shift enabled access to over 400 network providers across more than 180 countries with just one multi-tenant SIM card, eliminating the need for swapping and tracking SIM cards based on geographical location. The utilization of the Telnyx Mission Control Portal further streamlined the management of data limits and billing, significantly reducing the time spent on SIM card management by 70%, according to Spencer Lowe, DevOps Manager at Clair Global. This strategic move not only alleviated operational burdens but also enhanced Clair Global’s ability to focus on delivering exceptional service to its customers.

Operational Impact
  • By partnering with Telnyx, Clair Global has significantly streamlined its operations, moving away from a cumbersome network of multiple carriers to a unified, global connectivity solution. This strategic shift has not only reduced the time spent on managing SIM cards but also enhanced the company’s ability to serve its clients more efficiently. The adoption of Telnyx's technology has enabled Clair Global to ensure reliable connectivity for its devices worldwide, critical for the success of live events that demand consistent and high-quality network performance. This improvement in operational efficiency has allowed Clair Global to focus more on its core mission of delivering exceptional live event experiences.

Quantitative Benefit
  • The adoption of Telnyx IoT SIM Cards has enabled Clair Global to reach over 180 countries, providing expansive cellular data coverage essential for the company's global operations. This extensive reach ensures that Clair Global can deliver reliable connectivity solutions for events worldwide, regardless of location.

  • Switching to Telnyx has resulted in a 70% reduction in the time Clair Global spends managing SIM cards. This considerable decrease in operational overhead has allowed the company to allocate more resources towards enhancing customer service and focusing on its core competencies.

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