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Routing and Logistics for Fleets - Greenlight SmartRoute

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 Routing and Logistics for Fleets - Greenlight SmartRoute  - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Real Time Analytics
  • Functional Applications - Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
  • Networks & Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Networks & Connectivity - Cellular
  • Networks & Connectivity - Low-Power Wide-Area Network
  • Networks & Connectivity - WiFi
  • Sensors - GPS
Applicable Industries
  • Transportation
Applicable Functions
  • Logistics & Transportation
Use Cases
  • Fleet Management
The Customer
About The Customer
The Challenge

SmartRoute powered by Sirqul is a routing and optimization solution that enhances a fleet’s operational efficiency, enabling each vehicle and driver to maximize the amount of cargo they can pick up and deliver while minimizing miles, hours, and overall cost.

The Solution

The SmartRoute solution was built for any sized fleet company to have their shipments optimized for pre-scheduled and/or real-time routing. Shipments are optimized to maximize the cargo space for each available vehicle, preferred zoned or non-zoned routing, prioritizing reduced time and miles driven, and much more. Hundreds of different routing settings and levers have been implemented to provide carriers the flexibility to determine how they want their routes to be optimized, since not one carrier operates the same as another.

Data Collected
Drive Time, Mileage, Operation Performance, Routes, Vehicle Operation Load
Operational Impact
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
    Route and cargo efficiencies which reduced downtime and overtime in other cases. Increased reliability and predictability
  • [Efficiency Improvement - Communication]
    Improved driver and dispatch communication
Quantitative Benefit
  • ROI

  • Reduction in driver downtime and overtime

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