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Personalised Learning Pathways: A Case Study of Brockenhurst College

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About The Customer
Brockenhurst College is a high-achieving academic institution, located in the heart of the New Forest in England. Rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted, Brockenhurst welcomes more than 3,000 full-time students at its main campus, and has two sister schools in China. The college is constantly looking for new ways to attract students and ensure that they remain at the college for their entire learner journey. The quality of the student experience is critical to the success of the institution, and the college aims to ensure that all learners get the most out of their time at Brockenhurst.
The Challenge
Brockenhurst College, a high-achieving academic institution in England, was seeking ways to gain deeper insights into student needs and learning styles. The goal was to use this information to shape a more immersive and personalised educational experience, from application to graduation. The college was also looking for ways to improve student recruitment and retention, and increase its reputation. The challenge was to find a solution that would allow the college to understand each student’s unique style of learning and interests, and continually adapt learning pathways to meet these needs. The college also wanted to improve the way it markets itself to prospective learners and ensure that its educational offerings meet both local learner and employer needs.
The Solution
Brockenhurst College decided to use IBM digital marketing, predictive analytics and social portal solutions, underpinned by a cloud platform, to shape a more engaging and personalised student experience. The college selected IBM Exceptional Student Experience technology, a suite of solutions that help educational institutions to deliver deep engagement throughout a student’s academic career. The college also launched its own private social network, built on IBM Connections and IBM Sametime social portal solutions. This allowed students to access learning resources, including course materials and videos of lessons, and communicate with their peers and teachers anytime, anywhere and on any device. The college also used IBM Digital Analytics solutions to capture rich data on visitors to its website and social media pages, and use it to build more effective marketing campaigns. Behind the scenes, the college used IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM SPSS Modeler software to dig deep into data on students, uncovering new insights that can be used to shape a more engaging and effective educational experience.
Operational Impact
  • The implementation of IBM's solutions has allowed Brockenhurst College to personalise each student’s learning journey. The college has been able to make smarter decisions about how to best attract, motivate and retain students. The new platform has enabled students to learn and interact in ways that were not possible before, creating a better support system for students. The college has also been able to improve the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and ensure that its educational offerings meet both local learner and employer needs. The use of predictive analytics has allowed the college to better understand each student’s learning style and match them with the teaching and support services that best support their unique needs. The college has also been able to identify common risk factors that indicate a student is at risk of under-performing, allowing for early intervention strategies.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Over a five-year period, Brockenhurst expects to boost student recruitment and retention by 15 percent.
  • The college expects to increase its reputation by 30 percent.
  • Choosing a cloud solution will help save GBP500,000.

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