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Optimizing the tourism travel experience in Switzerland

 Optimizing the tourism travel experience in Switzerland - IoT ONE Case Study
About The Customer

Arcade Solutions AG

The Challenge

Arcade Solutions AG is an IT and IoT company based in Lucerne Switzerland that has been revolutionizing the travel tourism industry. Arcade is the proud creator of an application called the iParkiere Bus smart travel tourism and parking application which is now the primary navigation application for all coach drivers in Switzerland.

The Solution

iParkiere Bus is a smart city application that was designed to optimize the tourist traffic industry by improving the travel experience of tourists, as well as the quality of life of local residents. Arcade provides parking space occupancy data displayed in real-time to support their drivers in finding parking spaces and stop options with high levels of efficiency. They do so using GPS trackers attached to the travel coaches, various LoRaWAN® sensors deployed in parking stalls, and TEKTELIC’s KONA Macro & Micro Gateways to provide the reliable wireless connectivity needed for the network. The application uses an intelligent algorithm allowing bus tourists to be efficiently directed to their desired destination. A few clicks are all that is needed by the consumer, from there, coach drivers can subsequently identify potential stopping points and available parking spaces in the location they are approaching.

Arcade and TEKTELIC have successfully paired up to deploy the best lorawan devices, such as TEKTELIC KONA Macro & Micro Gateways into the city of Lucerne to provide robust and reliable lorawan network coverage for data to be obtained as needed. The KONA Micro Gateway comes equipped with a battery backup feature to provide always-on connectivity, keeping Arcade and their tourism client’s minds at ease that data will continue to be collected even in the event of a power outage. The KONA Macro Gateway is designed for rugged outdoor deployments and includes industry-leading interference mitigation design features to ensure the highest performance and reliability. Arcade is leveraging these Gateways to help customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership with carrier-grade performance and unprecedented scalability.

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