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Improving Factory Worker Posture

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 Improving Factory Worker Posture - IoT ONE Case Study
Applicable Functions
  • Discrete Manufacturing
Use Cases
  • Onsite Human Safety Management
  • Training
About The Customer
A 49 year old factory worker with long-standing low back pain
The Challenge
A 49 year old factory worker with long-standing low back pain was referred to a ViMove clinic for assessment and treatment. The worker’s low back pain had been managed and resolved with acupuncture in the past. The patient reported severe low back pain worse in the morning after prolonged rest. He also had trouble straightening up and experienced constant stiffness and pain.
The Solution
ViMove Low Back Live Training and visual feedback were used to work on the patient’s anterior tilt while sitting and posterior tilt while standing. The Live Training assessment helped the patient understand how to move correctly during his daily activities.

Furthermore the assessment reports were able to clearly show the patient what his postural and movement issues were. The patient was prescribed exercises to perform at home which focused on reducing tone in the lumbar extensor muscles and practicing isolated anterior and posterior pelvic tilt movements.
Operational Impact
  • [Product Improvement - Customer Satisfaction]
    85% reduction in his day to day symptoms.
  • [Product Improvement - Customer Satisfaction]
    2 weeks following this, a ViMove assessment indicated the patient’s lordosis had returned to a value within the normal range.

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