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Digital Transformation: Arcosa's Successful Spin-off with NTT DATA

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 Digital Transformation: Arcosa's Successful Spin-off with NTT DATA - IoT ONE Case Study
Technology Category
  • Analytics & Modeling - Machine Learning
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Hybrid Cloud
Applicable Industries
  • Cement
  • Construction & Infrastructure
Use Cases
  • Construction Management
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
The Customer
About The Customer
Arcosa is a leading provider of infrastructure-related products and solutions. It was a part of Trinity Industries, a leading manufacturing company of industrial products and services. As part of a strategic move, Trinity elected to separate its infrastructure products and solutions business from other business lines and spin off a stand-alone company, Arcosa Inc. Arcosa was set up with the portfolio, management team, and financial capacity to grow in attractive infrastructure markets. However, the spin-off required a complete separation of its data, finances, and operational information systems from Trinity, a task that was both complex and time-sensitive.
The Challenge
As part of a divestiture agreement with Trinity Industries, Arcosa, a leading provider of infrastructure-related products and solutions, was faced with the challenge of separating its key applications and data while deploying a new infrastructure within a tight deadline. The separation process was critical to avoid strategic distractions, talent departures, and potential changes in shareholder reaction. The divestiture agreement required Arcosa to separate its data, finances, and operational information systems from Trinity with minimal business disruption during the transition. Arcosa entered into a Transition Service Agreement (TSA) with Trinity, stipulating payment to Trinity for ongoing IT services until Arcosa could prove full independence. The task was headed by Arcosa’s CIO, Bob Rosen, who had to stand up all the underlying infrastructure from scratch, a daunting challenge given the aggressive timeframe and ongoing TSA fees.
The Solution
To expedite the separation and minimize payments under the TSA, Arcosa engaged NTT DATA to deliver a complete carve out and Hybrid Infrastructure solution as well as Application Management services after the separation. The process began with a painstaking analysis of the complex Trinity/Arcosa IT landscape that spanned over 350 applications, 30 key databases, two data stores totaling more than 30TB of data, and 360 file shares and home folders. In addition, there were 495 interfaces to rebuild and replicate. While separating the Trinity and Arcosa data stores and culling the application stack to an essential 91 day one applications, NTT DATA stood up infrastructure in a dedicated data center. That infrastructure included servers, storage, networking, voice and telephony, as well as service management, help desk and end-user support. Many of Arcosa’s web applications are hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Arcosa turned over management of those environments to NTT DATA’s Azure team, freeing up Arcosa staff to pursue other innovation strategies.
Operational Impact
  • The partnership with NTT DATA resulted in a successful separation of Arcosa from Trinity Industries. The transition was seamless with no issues, demonstrating the effectiveness of the planning and execution. The new hybrid infrastructure not only supported the existing applications, data, and services but also provided room for scalability as needed. The robustness of the infrastructure designed by NTT DATA allowed Arcosa to seamlessly pivot to having their people work remotely with no hiccups when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Looking forward, Arcosa is considering incorporating machine learning, robotic process automation and Internet of Things capabilities to process improvements within Arcosa IT and on the shop floor.
Quantitative Benefit
  • Separated infrastructure in six months, enabling complete separation ahead of schedule
  • Migrated 91 core applications, 30 databases and 30TB of data
  • Rebuilt and replicated 495 interfaces

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