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10 seconds to understand. 10 months to become the leader.

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 10 seconds to understand. 10 months to become the leader. - IoT ONE Case Study
The Customer
About The Customer

Beko's trademark technology perfectly balances precise, measured temperature and humidity to keep food fresh and edible up to three times longer than the average refrigerator—that means up to 30 days!

With its EverFresh+ technology, Beko refrigerators can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to three times longer and ensure it lasts.

The Challenge

Beko wanted to raise awareness of the new refrigerator and fridge freezer range Beko EverFresh+ and increase its sales with least 15%. But wait!

What’s EverFresh+?
A humidity-controlled compartment that can keep fruit and
vegetables fresh for up to 30 days.

What for Beko was a core name for years of research, tests, and inspiration, for the consumers was only another engineering gimmick they didn’t understand.

How to communicate this impressive innovation to the shopper in a compelling way, in a few seconds? In a market oversaturated by expressions such as “true digital inverter”?

The Solution

Rather than justify years of research by using “scientific-sounding” words, we created a simple mix of elements for each feature EverFresh+ brings.

We used an easy-to-understand name (Bottle Rack, LED Lightning), an instantly recognizable icon, and an ultra-brief description for each feature. Then we put them on the pop-up, sliding, and rotation motions POSM’s.

This stunning mix of simplicity, catchy design, and creative production solutions reinforced the idea of the simple and useful innovation of Beko’s EverFresh+ and was so efficient that most clients understood the benefits in less than 10 seconds.


By starting at less than a half of sales towards the no.1 brand in the No Frost range, Beko became the leader in the category in less than 10 months.

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