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Nomura Research Institute (NRI)

Dream Up the Future.
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Year Founded
Company Type
10,001 - 50,000
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TSE: 4307
Company Description
Since its establishment in 1965, NRI has assisted a wide range of industries and government agencies in the formulation of strategies, reform on business operations as well as planning and implementing policies. NRI also actively supports globalization of our customers in different industries at different stages.

Through NRI's consulting, industry experts help customers develop strategies based on abundant experience, support on decision-making with understanding on their inherent issues, and form and execute effective measures backed up by solid experience
IoT Solutions
NRI provides end-to-end support to their clients in manufacturing and service industries, leveraging information technology and the long years of experience and expertise.

NRI provides clients with consulting services related to business and IT strategic development, business process reengineering, coupled with strategic supply chain systems development that support global production, logistics, and sales. Their diverse services to this sector also include BizMart and other distribution IT solutions, core systems implementation and optimization, and outsourcing to reduce costs in client environment.
IoT Snapshot
Nomura Research Institute (NRI) is a provider of Industrial IoT cybersecurity services, and system integration services.

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